Products and services

   Flagship pbx pbx is a cutting-edge device with high reliability and plenty of extra features.
Allows you to significantly reduce telecommunications costs and take advantage of new opportunities in communications and presentation of your company. pbx

 PBX light

A simplified version of the VoIP PBX light, very easy to use, designed for small companies and individuals.
Ideal for entry into the world of VoIP. light

   Virtual PBX pbxspace

User-friendly virtual exchange pbxspace with all common functions, supporting the vast majority of leading VoIP operators.

pbxspace phone server

Carrier grade SIP Softswitch/PBX with superior scalability, automatic fail-over, including internal postpaid/prepaid billing. phone server peering switch

A special type of carrier grade transit exchange suitable for building interconnections among various operators. peering switch pbx tester

Special service/device enabling comprehensive testing of SIP PBXes/Softswitches. pbx tester

Do you feel that there is no tool for you? Maybe we just forgot to mention it. Or they are hidden under a different name than you'd expect. We like it right!